Open RDA Files

Once imported in R, it is most convenient to save the data as a RDA file (R DAta file). This format stores all the data, including the data type, available for later use or exchange with colleagues (without having to re-import a spreadsheet and define each variable type).

This RDA file contains the heights of 10 people as used before in the ‘copy and paste‘ and ‘spreadsheet‘ methods.

To open the file, make sure the Data Viewer in JGR is open. If the Data Viewer is not visible, make the Console the active window and select from the menu bar: Packages & Data and then Data Viewer.

If no data are loaded, the Data Viewer looks like this:


(If a data frame is open, the data viewer will show that data frame. To create a new data frame, make sure the Data Viewer window is active and select File and then New Data from the menu bar).

Select the Open Data Frame icon, manoeuvre to the saved file (height10.rda) and open it. The variable name and type should already be appropriately set! (but please check in the Variable Viewer).

To save the data frame, select the save data frame icon:saveand save the file with an appropriate name in an appropriate location. Select *.RDA (R DAta file) as the file format.

The data frame can also be saved by selecting File and then Save Data from the menu bar when the Data Viewer is the active window.

Advanced Users


(please edit the /PATH/TO/FILE/ to the appropriate location of the file).