CRAN  Comprehensive R Archive Network

CSV     Comma Separated Values

EMF     Enhanced Metafile Format – A Vector graphics file format – the only vector image file format supported natively by Microsoft Word.

EPS     Encapsulated PostScript – A document format, similar to PDF (below) that can contain a mixture of vector and raster elements. Intended as a container for documents to be sent to a printer. Also supported by R for graphical output although probably better suited to use with a specialist graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator or Xara Xtreme.

GIF       Graphics Interchange Format – A Raster image file format employing lossless compression but only supporting up to 256 different colours.

JGR     Java Graphical User Interface for R (pronounced ‘Jaguar’)

JPEG   Joint Photographic Experts Group – A Raster image file format with the capacity for very high lossy compression ratios files classically have the file extension .jpg

GUI      Graphical User Interface – the system of Windows, Icons and Mouse Pointer common to all common commercial operating systems.

PDF     Portable Document Format – A proprietary format developed by Adobe and based closely on the PostScript printing format. PDF files may contain text, vector and raster images. R can export native Vector images of graphics in this format.

PNG     Portable Network Graphics – A Raster image file format employing lossless compression and supporting transparency.

SVG     Scalable Vector Graphics – A vector graphics format that is gaining popularity on-line.

TIFF     Tagged Image File Format – A Raster image file format supporting lossless and lossy compression.